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Petrophysics Knowledge Sharing, Integration, Application, and Impact

November 17, 2020 | 5 Minutes Read

Introduction and Value Proposition

Petrophysicists are often referred to as the link, or bridge, between the geosciences and engineering. A petrophysicist’s primary role is to derive/interpret formation rock and fluid properties from the open hole, cased hole wireline, or
production logging data in a wellbore to estimate the existing amount of hydrocarbon in place. The discipline requires several facets that span the Exploration andProduction (E&P) life cycle and can support real-time operational efforts, contributing to regional or development scale studies, and any mapping or modeling requirements (Figure 1).


business life cycle

Figure 1. E&P life cycle, showing petrophysics-related service deliverables for a given asset—from pre-screening, to data capture, exploration, appraisal, and development.

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