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Data in Context: Increasing Your ROI via Database Workflows

February 16, 2021 | 5 Minutes Read

Science Bulletin Vol 7 picture


GeoMark has documented multiple workflows for addressing Stimulated Rock Volume (SRV) Vs. Drained Rock Volume (DRV) estimates, applications of time lapse geochemistry, and improved water and oil saturation methods (TruSat). All of these are key techniques that improve the subsurface data model that leads to better production. However, all of these methods require samples analysis.

The North America resource play revolution continues to evolve, and with frequent mergers and divestitures, it’s not uncommon to be working with legacy assets that have no record or storage of previous samples. GeoMark’s Rock & Fluid Database (RFDbase) solves this problem by providing access to multiple data points of all kinds, each with full analytics, so that these proven methods can be applied to legacy acreage. In this Science Bulletin we outline a series of examples which highlight the importance of, and range of utilities for high quality database access. Whether operators are in exploration, development or production mode, or in conventional and unconventional systems, databases such as RFDbase, can ensure the correct strategies are employed to maximize ROI.

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